by Damien Fagnou

25 April 2017

The Alien VR Experience

Damien Fagnou Discusses The Opportunities Supporting VFX/VR Integration of Alien: Covenant in Utero

Twentieth Century Fox, FoxNext VR Studio, RSA VR, MPC VR, Mach1 and technology partners AMD RADEON and Dell Inspiron today announced the release of ALIEN: COVENANT In Utero, a virtual reality experience.

MPC played a key role in production of the 360-degree VR experience based on the forthcoming “Alien: Covenant” movie. MPC was able to meet a very tight production schedule by using teams around the world interconnected by the Technicolor private network. The two minute VR experience would have taken a single processor 50 years to render, but the task was completed in a few days by using thousands of processors in MPC’s cloud-based rendering farm. Through the development process of this virtual reality experience, MPC has utilized both AMD RYZEN and RADEON technologies based within DELL Inspiron systems.

Damien Fagnou, Chief Technology Officer of MPC, explains some of the challenges faced in creating “Alien: Covenant In Utero”, a 360-degree VR experience that has been distributed ahead of the theatrical release. In this interview, he describes the role of cloud-based computing resources that enabled half a million hours of rendering to be completed in a few days.